"Essence Series" , Mixed Media Paintings

Over the last year or so I have been making a large group of small paintings on 8x 10" panels.  These mixed media paintings have been percolating in the studio in various stages.  Working at this scale is so satisfying.  Care and time went into building up the layers to form these rich, lively and nuanced surfaces. This month they are finally ready to launch starting with the Essence Series I-IX.

Art enhances our lives in so many ways. For me, it's essential to be surrounded by art that inspires. Eclectic in style, the art I collect brings me joy.  A home filled with art really brings it to life.  I hope you enjoy looking at these paintings as much as I enjoyed creating them.

In this group, shimmering metallic and earth tones are combined with rich, organic textures and subtle geometric patterns. These abstract paintings are evocative of landscape, watery worlds and natural phenomena. Scroll through to see them photographed in a variety of ways.  Click on the titles for more images and to purchase.