The Marvels and Mysteries Collection

These abstract paintings, for me, have a sense of revealing the surprising and the mysterious.  The title, “Marvels and Mysteries”, is inspired by a favorite childhood book, “Marvels and Mysteries of Our Animal World”. This was one of the many books about animals, biology and nature that I pored over as a kid.  This fascination with biology and nature often percolates up through my art in imaginative and unpredictable ways.  

Christine Sauer "Marvels and Mysteries II"  24x24"  $900, acrylic, mixed media on canvas 

As this collection of abstract paintings developed, they appeared to reveal mysterious and invented natural events or processes, a kind of organic soup of life. Complex, lively surfaces were created by layering acrylic paints and sometimes collage in an improvisational manner.  Vibrant color and lush texture coalesce to engage the viewer to take an up-close look to discover visual surprises in these invented worlds.