Highlights from the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

During the challenge I painted more than thirty paintings ranging from 4x5" to 24x18" on paper and cradled panel. To get through this it really helped to set some goals and create a strategy. Working in batches, I explored color palettes that were new to me, and new painting processes.  This was a great opportunity to expand my painting vocabulary. The process I used generated many painting starts, finished pieces and new ideas. The images below are from the first two weeks.  More will be showcased in the next two blog posts.

Christine Sauer, "Urban Flora II", image 8x6" acrylic on paper, matted to 14x11" $70

Christine Sauer, "Urban Flora II", image 8x6" acrylic on paper, matted to 14x11" $70

Working alongside others, even though it was virtual on Instagram and some postings in a Facebook group, provided a level of accountability that kept me on track.  It wasn't easy to keep up the pace.  Several other things in the works were put on hold.  And lots of other stuff fell through the cracks like dishes, laundry, etc., you know, all that fun stuff!  

The "Urban Flora" group of paintings were inspired by flora from my small but abundant New Orleans garden.  The "Marvels and Mysteries" batch are imaginative little worlds that reflect a fascination with microbiology.  All paintings in this post are 8x6" floating in 14x11" mats that easily fit in frames of that size. $70 each.   If you are interested in dressing up your walls with one or a grouping of these, please email me at csauerarts@yahoo.com.  Framed option in bright white or natural wood also available, 14x11",  $175. Free shipping in the US

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